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Another chance to voice our concerns.

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Subject: A Golden Opportunity To Promote Property Rights

READER'S DIGEST, March 2001 issue, pages 135 - 140, "Kiss Your House Good-Bye"

This is an article on the horrors and abuses by government officials of EMINENT DOMAIN condemnation and forced sale of privately owned land and homes.  Sound familiar?  The article mainly addresses urban homes destroyed so shopping malls can be built.  But a wider view encompasses all the regulations, condemnations, strong-arm tactics and other atrocities used by environmental organizations, land trusts, and state and federal government agencies to take land away from private citizens.

Reader's Digest now has a Letters To The Editor address.  There also is a postal address and FAX number.  Let's get together and send a few million letters and e-mails to the editors at Reader's Digest and tell them just how outraged we are about the ongoing abuses of Eminent Domain and government ownership and control of land.

You can reach the Reader's Digest website at www.readersdigest.com   At the bottom of the page click on Letters To The Editor, then enter your name and address and your comments for e-mail to RD.  The following instructions for
contacting the editors are posted on the RD website. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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