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Dear Editor,

 Last year I wrote six critical articles on conservation easements that were published nationally by several leading publications. The attack on those articles from those in the conservation easement industry, the so-called "non-profit land trusts " was severe and immediate.

 The articles expose how landowners are duped, and even forced into giving up the major portion of their property rights.

 If you would like to review these free articles for possible publication, please simply reply to this email. Each article is about 800 words in length. they are  written to be published in sequence

 Thank You,

 J. Zane Walley

 Conservation Easements

 America's New Multi-Billion Dollar Real Estate Industry

 Rescuing Private Property Or The Ruination Of Future Generations?

 A Six Part Series

 "To understand conservation easements; view your property as a bundle of distinct rights that can be separated. Examples are mineral rights or water rights. Your development rights prevalently constitute the most valuable portion of your entire property rights package. Commonly, when you sell or give a conservation easement, that is what you, your heirs and all future owners lose. The right to develop the property, and in numerous cases the right to use portions of your land and its resources. "